NorthBet Offers Quicker Payouts And Supremely Responsive Attention To Customers

NorthBet is a new presence in the online gaming realm, started in 2010 by a knowledgeable group of experts with a combined total of over 40 years in the business. The creators of NorthBet are aiming to assemble the sportsbook with the fastest payouts in the industry. Quality online gaming outlets recognize the centrality of the need for players to access their funds.

NorthBet entered the scene offering a same-day policy for payouts, and it also provides the NorthBet debit card, which will allow players to get their money out in as little as two hours, which is mind-boggling in this business. You can deposit using Visa, MasterCard, wire transfers and bank wires, and you can receive payouts on the aforementioned debit card, along with bank wires and wire transfers. The debit card gives players a maximum of speed and safety, and your money is being handled by an account management team with ample experience (each account management agent has to have at least five years of full-time service in the industry).

The NorthBet site has a user-friendly, stream-lined look - you're not going to be confused by what you see. Bells and whistles are not needed for basic customer service - NorthBet wants to make it as easy as possible for you to carry out your transactions. There is also some content on the NorthBet site, mostly pertaining to NFL betting. Showing an awareness of social media, NorthBet also has a Twitter feed - the handle is @NorthBet - that features trivia questions while providing a way to interact with customers and answer questions that people may have about the site.

NorthBet aims to sweeten the pot for their players when it comes to bonuses. The referral bonus offers a unique avenue for customers. If you can get a friend to join up to NorthBet, you will get a 30% bonus on that friend's first deposit, plus an additional 5% bonus for each subsequent deposit as long as you are both NorthBet members. That's right, you keep winning each time your friend deposits, and it's a good way to get your friends involved, which makes the sensation of winning that much more exhilarating. There are also bonuses and promotions in the Casino and Racebook sections of NorthBet to sweeten the platter of offerings. New players will also get a free scratch-and-play when they sign up.

The variety of sports in the NorthBet sportsbook are pretty standard in terms of listed odds. The wage limits are standard-issue, relative to typical industry numbers. It is also easy enough for the casual bettor to pick up and make a bet because the betting engine owns a standard check-box format.

All in all, NorthBet is still a very young company looking to expand its scope of activity. The defining aspect of NorthBet remains the timeliness of its payouts, an area that a lot of sportsbooks ignore. Making sure players can access funds as soon as reasonably possible is a hallmark of superior customer service, and that commitment is evident in NorthBet's operations.